About Us

Užupis Art Incubator is the first and one of the largest art incubators in the Baltic State. It is a place where visual artists and creative industries professionals can go to collaborate and reside.

The 1500 sqm of space houses local and international residencies, workshops, educational spaces and an exhibition gallery. More than 30 artists and many start-ups from the cultural and creative industries are “in residence” at any one time. The average duration of a residency is 3-5 years.

At Užupis Art Incubator we foster entrepreneurship, community engagement, artistic innovation and the development of artistic fusion through peer-to-peer collaborations and openness of creativity to the national and international community. 

Representatives come from many different fields - e.g., sustainable start-ups teams, creators who combine technology with art, photographers, painters, sculptors, textile artists, graphic designers, architects and interdisciplinary artists – member from these fields all cooperatively reside in the spaces of Užupis Art Incubator. At the Incubator their creative ideas are brought to life. The Užupis Art Incubator is also home to innovative creative businesses and startups that stimulate and promote the creativity of children and society at large. 

The residences of the Užupis Art Incubator are located in the very centre of the city, in Užupis, a place that is not only popular with Vilnius locals, but also with a large number of international visitors. Also known as the independent Republic of Užupis, this district of Vilnius is one of the most unique and bohemian in Lithuania. Art is an integral part of its historical and cultural identity. In this unique environment, open to the public, the incubator is located in two spaces: a building that commemorates the gatherings of the first creators by the Vilnelė River and the modern Kalnas building in the vicinity of a nature reserve.  

Here, residents not only discover the lively bustle of the city, but also the calm and creative focus in the gentle sanctuary of nature.

How it all began

  • Since 1991 - informal gatherings of artists in an abandoned building on Užupio street 2A.

  • In 1995, the Galera Gallery was founded. The first exhibitions begin.

  • 1996 The alternative art centre "Užupis-2" is established. It brought together local artists, organised festivals and other events.

  • In 1998, Užupis residents establish the symbolic Republic of Užupis, a unique entity with its own president, anthem, constitution, currency, festivals and traditions.

  • In 2000, a sculpture alley is created in the Galera courtyard.

  • In 2002, Užupis Art Incubator is founded.

  • In 2014, the UMI's exhibition and residency space "Kalnas" (Krivių str. 12) opens.

  • In 2017, the Information Centre of the Republic of Užupis, also known as "Magnets and Wonders", opens its doors.