UMI KALNAS residency spaces

Spanning over 560 sq.m., the Užupis Art Incubator HILL residency spaces are located in the very heart of the city, in Užupis district (Krivių st. 12), which is not only popular with Vilnius residents, but also with visitors of the city. Art is an integral part of the cultural and historical identity of Užupis.

What can you find at UMI HILL spaces?

  • Modern, bright studios which merge into the picturesque landscape of the Vilnius Castles Cultural Reserve. Here you will not only feel the lively bustle of the city, but also the calm and creative concentration of a gentle nature sanctuary;

  • An outdoor recreation area nestled in the undergrowth of centuries-old trees;

  • A private parking area, reserved for the incubator community, so you can always find a space for your or your clients' vehicles;

  • An exceptional creative community from sustainability start-ups to creatives combining technology with art, photographers, jewellers, architects, designers and even a children's creativity accelerator.

Common spaces and recreation area

Accelerator Studio

Jewelry space

UMI KALNAS residency spaces visualisation

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